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A question often asked is how old should a property be before it needs rewiring. This is not as straightforward as you may think. Mastin Electrical can offer an Electrical Condition Report Service where all circuits and cabling will be tested, a report produced with the findings and recommendations.

Some telltale signs you may require a rewire are:

  1. Have a look at the main board, do you have old ceramic fuses, whether you need a rewire or not these will need to be replaced.
  2. Have a look in the roof space (don’t climb into the roof space as there could be live cabling present) to see if there are any wooden duct or steel conduits. If there is this is a very good indicator a rewire may be required.
  3. Do you have old round switches on wooden mounts? These are very old and another sign that a rewire may be required.


If a rewire is required many of the same considerations as with a new build should be considered (please refer to the New Builds tab).

An ideal time to do a rewire is if you have just bought the property and it can be rewired before you move in. Please take the time to read the Electrical Condition Report tab as this report can be used to assess the condition of the electrical installation.

Mastin Electrical can come out and walk you through what needs to be done and give you a free quote.