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Electrician Parafield Gardens - Looking for a quality electrician in Parafield Gardens?

Mastin Electrical supply a quality of service second to none in Parafield Gardens and always have the customers safety as their main concern. With over 30 years electrical experience in all domestic and commercial electrical work and a member of Master Electricians, Mastin Electrical can cover all of your electrical requirements to the highest of standards.

Mastin Electrical are fully qualified electricians with extra qualifications in testing and design so you can have peace of mind that your project will be safe and to an extremely high standard.

We have recently finished a mains board upgrade on a domestic property near the Parafield Community Centre. We removed the old asbestos backboard and ceramic fuses. Installed a new bramite board, new 12-way mains board, new main switch and a RCBO for each circuit. The RCBO means you have a new breaker and safety switch for each circuit. So if the circuit has an issue, you will only lose that circuit, not the full house. You also have the peace of mind that each circuit is protected and completely safe. We carry out testing and will check if you have an earth in your lighting circuit.

We can also identify any other issues you may have as part of the service. Upgrading the mains board should be one of the first electrical jobs done in any old property as this can help to identify any existing issues.

We would recommend carrying out a full electrical test if the property is over 20 years old.

The tests are listed below:

Tests should include insulation resistance.
This will identify if the cable insulation is beginning to breakdown. Polarity testing to identify if all accessories are connected to the correct polarity terminals

Earth loop impedance.
This test confirms that the cable connections are good enough so the safety switch will trip in the time range as outlined in the wiring rules. We can also tighten connections in the mains boards and power outlets etc.

Safety switch testing.
This will check the correct operation of your safety switches and make sure they are tripping within 300 milliseconds.

The testing is documented in a report for your convenience so you can test in another three years to see if the electrical system has deteriorated, and if so to what extent. The report will have all of the test results recorded for each circuit. Any issues will be recorded and graded as one of the following.

An observation

  •  requires improvement,
  •  requires urgent attention,
  •  requires further investigation.

The report is an ideal way of identifying any electrical issues enabling you to identify the urgent issues and have them rectified to stop them becoming a life-threatening issue.

The report combined with the mains board upgrade is giving you protection against the possible risk of electrical shock or a possible electrical fire. Mastin Electrical highly recommend upgrading your mains board before thinking of carrying out any other electrical work or home improvement projects.

If you would like more information, please contact Mastin Electrical, we will be glad to help.