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Electrician Wynn Vale - Do you need a qualified electrician in the Wynn Vale area?

Mastin Electrical has over 30 years’ experience in servicing happy customers in Wynn Vale, in a professional and prompt manner. Mastin Electrical can help you with small or large projects and will walk you through the process should you need some guidance. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your electrical needs be it lighting or power we are here to help.We have just finished installing some Beacon Lighting fans for a lady in Wynn Vale near the Kiethcot Farm Primary School. Mastin Electrical are preferred electricians for Beacon Lighting so you can be safe in the knowledge that we will install your fans and lights to the highest standards. When Mastin Electrical install your fans, you will receive an extra year’s warranty on top of the 2 year Beacon Lighting warranty.

Some things you need to consider when buying a fan in Wynn Vale are : 

Do you have a wooden beam to fix the fan to? if not a wooden batten will need to be installed.

Do you have an earth in the lighting circuit, and a safety switch for the lights? Is there insulation in the internal walls? This can make it very difficult to get cables down the wall should you choose a wall controlled fan. Wall controlled fans require extra cabling to switch the fan motor.

Is there room in your roof space to access the areas the fans will be installed?
If the fan is for use outside make sure you pick a fan that has been designed for outdoor use as an indoor fan will not last outside and will void he warranty.

Most remote-control fans enable you to still use the light switch if the light has been switched on via the remote first. This means you can still use the wall switch as a normal light switch when entering and leaving the room. You still then also have the benefit of getting into bed and using the remote to turn off the light.

A ceiling fan is becoming a popular choice in Wynn Vale and is a great way to complement an air conditioner.
The ceiling fan helps to keep the sir moving which makes the area feel cooler and more comfortable. An outside fan also is great for keeping flying insects away as the insects don’t like the turbulence of the moving air.

If the fan is for a bedroom one question to ask when purchasing “is the fan quiet when in operation” as some fans are quieter than others. Same with an outdoor fan or large living area you would want to know if they have a large capacity to move air. A fairly new addition to the market is the DC Fan. The DC fan is very energy efficient but only comes in remote control at the moment.

An important thing to mention is that you must have a wall switch to isolate each DC remote fan to enable easy programming of the fan.

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