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We have just completed install down lights in the Salisbury area close to Salisbury railway station.

The customer had some old halogen down lights which we converted to new LED down lights and then replaced the family room lights with LED down lights using the existing switching.

Halogen down lights use more power and get up to temperatures of 300 degrees. As you can imagine this is quite a fire hazard. LED down lights on the other hand do not create hardly any heat at all and have the added bonus of using considerably less power. A halogen down light is normally 50 watt each where as an LED down light is about 9 watt depending on the make. As you can see when you get a few down lights the power can soon add up and the LED down lights will be saving you a considerably amount of money.

10 x Halogen down lights at 50 watt each = 500 watt

10 x LED down lights at 9 watt each = 90 watt

LED down lights normal come in 3 different light colours, warm white, cool white and day light. When checking a colour check for this written on the box. If it does not say the colour it will have the colour temperature somewhere on the box. Colour temperature is measured in kelvin. 3000K is warm white, cool white is 5000K and day light 6000K

As a rule of thumb warm white is best suited to living areas such as bedrooms and lounges as the light is more pleasant to sit under. Cool white is normally used for kitchens and bathrooms as the light is a bright white light. Consideration needs to be taken if you have an open family room area. If you where to have warm white in the family area and cool white in the kitchen the different light colours would be very noticeable when both were on. The best option is to choose your preferred light colour and use this in all areas of the open plan area.

LED down lights do not need an earth in the light circuit, however it is recommended that if you don’t have an earth in your light circuit one should be installed and an RCBO (safety switch) be fitted so the cabling and occupier are protected.

If you have dimmers there is a possibility that the dimmers may need to be changed if they have not been designed for use with LED lighting so this should be factored into your budget.

In conclusion if you have halogen down lights we would strongly recommend you get them replaced as soon as possible.