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Looking for a top-quality Electrician in the Gawler area?

Top-Quality Gawler ElectricianMastin Electrical service the Gawler area with all your electrical needs be it from lighting to power or a full mains board upgrade. Mastin Electrical are the preferred electrician for Gawler Supportive Care on East Tce in Gawler with work ranging from day to day maintenance to new en-suite renovations and a new BBQ area. If you need an electrician in the Gawler area Mastin Electrical should be your first choice.

Mastin Electrical have carried out many renovations to old Gawler stone cottages taking care to keep the beauty of the old style. Work has included kitchen, bathroom and laundry electrical fit outs working with some of the best tradesmen in Adelaide.

If you need an electrician in Gawler call Mastin Electrical and they will be there to give you a top-class service no matter what you electrical needs are. If you have just bought an old property in the Gawler area, then a good place to start in to look at your mains board. If it has old ceramic fuses or asbestos back board then it is time to upgrade the mains board.

By upgrading your mains board, you are ensuring that your property and the wiring is protected. An RCBO should be installed on all circuits. An RCBO is a breaker and a safety switch combined. All new homes now are installed with RCBO’s to comply with the new wiring rules. After upgrading the mains board, you should then test the wiring. Testing should include as a minimum insulation resistance, polarity, earth loop impedance and RCBO tripping times. All of the readings should be documented and kept in a safe place for future reference. The test should be repeated every three years and the results compared. By comparing the results you will be able to see if the electrical installation is deteriorating.

For properties older than 1970 you should check is there is an earth in the light circuit. If not you should have on installed as soon as possible as the earth is there no protect the lighting circuit along with the RCBO.

If the earth loop impedance reading are not with in the wiring rules pre-determined limits then some accessories should be removed and the terminations checked to see if they are tight. Start by removing ten percent is you find any loose connections then carry on removing accessories until all connections are tight. By doing this the earth loop impedance readings should come back within the pre-determined limits.

While checking accessories a visual inspection of the accessories should be carried out to check for cracks and loose switch mechanisms.

This is also a perfect time to check your smoke alarms to make sure they are working correctly. Check that they are not older than ten years. If older than ten years they should be replace with a photo electric smoke alarm as soon as possible. It is also a good idea to have the smoke alarms linked so if one alarm is activated then all alarms will sound.

Finally you RCBO should be tested every month to make sure it is operating correctly. You can perform this test yourself by simply pushing the test button on each RCBO.

So if you need an electrician in the Gawler, Mastin Electrical can offer you a 5 Star service.